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Exceptional Feedback

"When I first started working at the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition (BRYC), the organization was only three years old and I was only 24. I was completely overwhelmed and needed help. I reached out to Monica, recognizing her success as the leader of Posse New Orleans. She didn't even know me. In our first phone meeting she spent 90 minutes offering critical insight on how to take our startup to the next level. Monica has continued to be available for me, always offering a listening ear and deeply valuable acumen. I highly recommend her!"

Lucas S.

“Monica Sylvain has been instrumental in every step of my academic and professional career.  With her expertise and assistance, I have won national awards, graduated from a doctoral program that is Top 25 in my field, and embarked on a successful career as a research chemist. She is THE person I go to whenever I'm considering a new direction or big step, and someone whose wisdom I will always trust as I encounter new challenges both professionally and personally. I will, without a doubt, continue to achieve greatness with her in my life.”

Christina J. 

"Monica's expertise with securing career-advancing positions is unparalleled. She assisted me with my full process while applying and gave detailed instructions on how to edit my resume & cover letter for each job. Prior to each interview, she carefully prepared me and ensured I used correct email etiquette for communicating with and following up with each employer prospect. Her intentional and precise consultation helped me through each stage of applying which, on two different occasions, landed me jobs at Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis International."

Whitney S. 


"Monica has an incredibly keen sense about your potential and knows exactly how to help harness it. Earlier this year, I decided to apply to graduate programs and sought Monica's expertise. I did not believe I had the skill set or experience to apply to any top tier programs - Monica saw otherwise, and helped me navigate the graduate application process with nuance and precision. I am proud to say that I will be attending Harvard University's Graduate School of Education, after having been accepted to every top tier program I applied to. I attribute this mainly to the consistent, diligent and passionate support that Monica provided me throughout several months."

Amberine H. 

"All I can say is that Monica Sylvain is an outstanding consultant. After being drafted into the NFL, I knew I wanted to establish a scholarship at my high school as a way of giving back. Working collaboratively with her, she drew from our conversations the salient points that were important to me and took it from there. From the idea conception to application, marketing, candidate interfacing, application evaluation, and committee review, Monica created a scholarship that I am proud to have my name on that is helping to make college dreams come true."

Tyson J.

"Monica Sylvain has been a key figure in my academic career. I met her just prior to starting college, and her wisdom guided me through both college and graduate school. Her professional insight on personal statements and applications have been invaluable. She is multifaceted with a wealth of knowledge to offer, and she is the first person I consider when I need career advice."

Kristen W.